An Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Plan for the Built Environment Sector (December 2022)



Priority 1 - Culture change: An equitable, diverse and inclusive industry (Industry Skills Plan Update for the UK Construction Sector 2022 – 2023, page 9, Construction Leadership Council) states:


"In this priority area we will be working with industry to develop a plan to increase and attract workers from more diverse backgrounds. This plan will have a clear timeframe and achievable milestones, identifying the role that the CITB and industry will play, and we will do our best to ensure that a network of collaboration underpins the development and delivery of this plan."


An action to lead work on this plan was undertaken by Building People via the Construction Leadership Council’s ‘Culture’ sub-group, which is part of the People and Skills network. This has been on a voluntary basis, with the support and engagement of many other volunteers (from the Building People network and wider), resulting in the following ‘plan of a plan’, i.e., the steps to be taken to develop an equity, diversity and inclusion plan for the construction and built environment sector. 

Time Scheduled For Task =