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Six Years and counting…

When Rebecca Lovelace started dot-joining and connecting the underrepresented to the built environment trades and professions she did so because inherently it made sense and was the right thing to do.

As Building People marks its six year anniversary of being a hub for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in the sector it’s a great time to reflect, not just on this company, but on the wider sector and how much more we need to do.

The Building People mission is to improve representation across the Built Environment by enabling and empowering a collaborative movement for inclusive change. Our vision is to be the Centre of Excellence for Inclusion in the Built Environment.

Peter Drucker says the best way to predict the future is to create it, and that’s what Rebecca has been doing, by bringing me in, and by shaping the values of the organisation, and there’s plenty we can all learn from here.

As we bring people, needs and organisations together, with expertise and a laser focus on under-representation and inclusion, we are strategic, as well as passionate. Analytical, as well as enthusing. Targeted, as well as all-encompassing. We simplify access to careers opportunities for individuals and enable employers to widen talent pools. Our commitment is to reduce fragmentation, avoid duplication and to ensure collaboration. There’s a whole lotta heart here, but we support it with our heads.

I think this is the best opportunity to share with you that, as a Community Interest Company, Building People is founded upon the following values:


We simplify user journeys. We reduce fragmentation. We make it easier to find what already exists. We join things together. We’re accessible.


We connect a network of networks. We don’t duplicate effort. We join dots. We bring together people, needs and opportunities. We work inclusively across difference.


We’re committed to the whole built environment sector. We are for everybody. We act with integrity, reliability, honesty and transparency.


We’re passionate about what we do. We believe in change and our ability to drive it. We lead. We are a voice for others.


We listen. We do things differently. We’re open to ideas and challenge from others. We’re proactive with solutions.

Our Belief

The culture of the built environment is ours to change.

That’s our belief, but we need the rest of the sector to join with us and believe it too.

It’s about taking personal responsibility and holding ourselves accountable for the change we want to see.

The Built Environment sector is hugely, hugely important, it literally shapes out world. But how can it shape an inclusive world if it’s not itself inclusive.

That’s what Building People is here to help you solve.

As always, your support is vital. If you, too, believe that culture of the built environment is ours to change, then get in touch, and together we can make a difference.

31/03/2023 15:09:36