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Second adopter of the Building People platform goes live!

The Construction Industry Council launches its Roadmap for Change - built on the Building People aggregating platform

There were celebrations at Futurebuild this year as the Construction Industry Council (CIC) launched its Roadmap for Change - a website built on the Building People platform that aggregates content from across the industry. 

The CIC is the representative body for the professional bodies, research organisations and specialist business association in the construction industry. The aim of the Roadmap for Change is "to share best practice to showcase what is already being done and ‘join the dots’ so we can all learn from and support each other along the way". Rather than creating a website and content in isolation, the CIC's Diversity and Inclusion panel (led by Maria Coulter BEM) decided to partner with Building People and to add content to the Building People platform, therefore making it easier for individuals to find and access material as it all becomes aggregated in one place. 

Building People Founder and Chief Dot-joiner, Rebecca Lovelace, was honoured to speak at the CIC launch of its Roadmap for Change, joining Maria Coulter, Stephen Hodder MBE (Chair of the CIC) and Isabel Martinson (Executive Chairman of the Considerate Constructors Scheme) for a celebratory launch of a fantastic and collaborative new initiative.

Upload your own content to the Roadmap for Change here:

12/08/2020 16:57:26