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CHY delivers social value workshop to Communities members

Find out what happened in our social value workshops last month, delivered by Rob Wolfe from CHY Consultancy.

Last month we were joined by Rob Wolfe from CHY Consultancy, who led two workshops for our Communities members on social value and developing a social value framework.


CHY Consultancy offers strategies for organisations to consider the impact socially of their actions, in particular within the built environment.


Communities members from Jane Simpson Access, Renaisi Transitions, Building Heroes, Mates in Mind, STEMPoint East, Bounce Back, BuildForce, MOBIE and Neurodiversity in Planning took part in the sessions.


In the first session, Rob defined what social value is, and how it can be measured. He described social value as a holistic impact on people's lives. CHY defines social value as: "meeting the current needs of our industry and the communities in which we work; improving the quality of life for generations to come."


He also highlighted the emergence of tools to measure social value, such as the Social Value Model from the government and the National TOMs framework, while setting out criteria for a social value project. He explained the merits of measuring success both quantitively and qualitatively.


Rob stressed the need to articulate social value in a clear and consistent way to stakeholders through specific themes including output, impact and investment. He explained that evaluating the social return on investment is considered subjective.


The second session saw the Communities members discuss the challenges specific to their organisations, and how they may qualitatively and quantitatively measure their social value. Rob shared with the group a social impact plan template, which details the KPIs that local authorities seek to measure as part of their own social impact strategies. He also shared a tool to map social outcomes from a project, which breaks down each requirement so it is easy to see how much social value is produced.


The Communities members who took part said the sessions were "really, really informative," with one participant adding "Many things you said resonated with me, particularly that this is about value added, not mitigating impacts associated with the development."

06/10/2021 13:24:38