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International recognition with the UK Embassy in Sweden

Find out how Rebecca got on moderating a panel on diversity and inclusion for the UK Embassy in Sweden's Women in Construction event!

Rebecca, our Chief Dot-Joiner, was delighted to be invited to moderate a panel on women in construction for the UK Embassy in Sweden on 26 May.
The panel discussion was titled, "Driving inclusion from the top: Implementing the business case of equality in the world of construction." Panellists for this event included Cristina Lanz Azcarate from the National Association of Women in Construction, Lauren Bennett, Associate Director at Mace, Britta Blaxhult, CEO at Selvaag Bostad, and Pia Höök, Vice President Culture, Skanska.
The aims of this event were to identify and challenge issues faced by women active in the industry, seek solutions to gender gaps in commissioning, wages and seniority levels within the construction field, and emphasise the need for collaborative efforts between government, private sector and academia for tackling the gender pay gap, racial equity, and gender balance in the construction sector.
Over 200 construction professionals attended the event, giving us a major platform to share the benefits of joining the dots within industry.

28/05/2021 10:42:05