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Proof of concept platform launched at UKCW

The proof of concept 'connecting people to opportunities' platform is presented to a packed audience - and to great acclaim - at UK Construction Week.

On the 9th October at the high-profile industry event, UK Construction Week, Building People demonstrated its proof of concept platform, designed to enable employment and skills providers (supply) to more efficiently and effectively connect people to relevant industry opportunities (demand). The Building People platform will act as a marketplace to aggregate existing organisations, companies, initiatives and activities with people looking for opportunities to explore, join or continue in the Built Environment.  

Rebecca Lovelace, Founder and Chief Dot-Joiner at Building People, said, “Twenty years of working in construction and getting frustrated at the lack of connectivity between supply and demand, and the real lack of a collaborative framework to join together all the possibilities that we are so good at creating, led me to create Building People.

“We’ve reached two major milestones – the release of our free search portal, listing over 950 organisations/initiatives operating in the work/learning/support space in the built environment, and the demonstration of our proof of concept matching platform, connecting young people to opportunities in surveying. We’re working together to join the dots across industry.”


Building People demonstrated the search portal and the proof of concept platform it has created to host the Chartered Surveyors Training Trust’s (CSTT) schools programme, made possible by the support of its founding partners (The Chartered Surveyors’ Company, CSTT and University College of Estate Management (UCEM)).  Guests from organisations and institutions attending the launch at UK Construction Week (in Birmingham’s NEC), heard from a panel of Building People supporters: Mark Farmer (CEO Cast); Gillian Charlesworth (CEO BRE); David Frise (CEO BESA); and Bola Abisogun (CEO DiverseCity Surveyors), chaired by Ashley Wheaton (Principal UCEM). During workshops that followed the presentations the audience was able to add comments, suggestions and ideas to the Building People goals:

  • To create one place that brings together the many disparate skills and employment initiatives across the built environment.     

  • To drive traffic to what already exists, adding value and amplifying voices.

  • To connect people to work, learning and to support opportunities via existing providers, reporting on the social value that these activities generate.  

    Rebecca Lovelace concluded the launch with the challenge to the sector:

    “You’ve seen how the Building People ecosystem supports and amplifies the reach of one provider, CSTT; we are now looking for the next 20 partners. Are you Building People?”

12/08/2020 16:56:48