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Women Webinar

Hear from leaders driving change through their work with women and find out how to join in.

Webinar number six in our partnership with UK Construction Week.

The focus of this sixth and final webinar with UK Construction Week was on organisations that work with women, providing support and training to facilitate careers in the built environment. 

The 'Are we in danger of reinstating a flawed status quo?' theme continued, with presentations from each speaker, followed by live Q&A from the audience.

Speakers were: 

• Sue Brown, Managing Director, Real Estate Balance

• Cristina Lanz Azcarate RIBA, ARB, NAWIC, Chair of the London and South East region for NAWIC (National Association of Women in Construction) 

• Livia Williams MBA FIoR, Co-founder, Women in Roofing

• Hattie Hasan MBE, CEO, Stopcocks Women Plumbers

Watch the full webinar online by clicking here.

17/08/2020 10:18:34