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Our collective response to the CLC's Skills Plan

Back in March the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) launched its Industry Skills Plan for 2021-2025. Building People absolutely welcomed this set of commitments and actions...

Back in March the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) launched its Industry Skills Plan for 2021-2025. Building People absolutely welcomed this set of commitments and actions on which the future of the built environment industry is pinned, and we were pleased and certainly interested to see how our network could get involved. 

We have responded to the CLC's request (for everyone's support to help build a workforce that is equipped to deliver the built environment we all want to be a part of),  by harnessing our dot-joining power and bringing together our Communities networkto write a collective response to the Skills Plan.  We really hope that the document is the first step to a successful partnership where we can all bring real positive change to equality, diversity and inclusion in the built environment.

As a collective, we identified 11 recommendations for the CLC to consider:

1. Consistent, connected and holistic use of the inclusive term ‘built environment’
2. A joined-up approach that enables diverse voices not just to be heard, but to be involved and funded 
3. Enable a deeper level of equality, diversity and inclusion support
4. Utilise and maximise the social value drivers that are pushing employers to change EDI behaviours
5. Support existing providers in their diverse retention activities
6. Increase mentoring ambitions and focus on quality, targeted mentor matches
7. Offer SMEs support and improve contract forecasting to identify the skills and competences required 
8. Broaden the focus to include a wider audience than those coming through bootcamps, schools, FE and HE routes
9. Encourage direct employment, earning whilst learning and onsite training to a wide range of individuals 
10. Concentrate on work placements for older people, too
11. Increase the targets and aim for ‘industrial scale’ change that is aligned with wider government strategy

Our collective response went to the CLC earlier this week and we eagerly await the reaction from its Chair and the chair of its People and Skills Network.

30/04/2021 16:31:48