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"Levelling up starts in homes" Andy Burnham's Housing 2021 speech

Our take on the Mayor of Greater Manchester's speech on decarbonisation, devolution and housing.

Our Marketing Manager had the opportunity to attend Housing 2021 in Manchester earlier this month. On day 2, Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, gave the keynote speech, where he declared housing should be the number one priority for the government regarding social policy.

"You cannot have good health without good housing."

The Mayor claimed that the feeling of security brought about by having safe and consistent housing can solve many social issues. At Building People we strongly support this statement. We feel the social value brought about by democratising the built environment as an industry can go a long way to improving the lives of those who are currently most affected by the lack of good quality, stable housing.



The Mayor addressed the low quality of existing housing stock in the UK, citing that 4 in 10 privately rented properties in Greater Manchester are below the decent home standard. He posited that retrofitting existing housing stock would be an efficient way to both decarbonise homes and improve living standards.


How Building People can be a part of this vision

With the labour required to decarbonise homes, more employment opportunities will become available in the built environment. Upskilling the existing workforce will also be necessary for this project. Building People's platform is an easy way to join the dots between those looking for jobs, employers looking to upskill their teams in the face of this large-scale undertaking, and local authorities looking for organisations to complete the work. Joining in with Building People can assist a retrofitting revolution at every step in the built environment life cycle, and help the UK build back better.

19/09/2021 20:42:44