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Gearing up for our crowdfunding campaign

"Oh, the naivety". Why we are crowdfunding...

When our founder Rebecca Lovelace (seen here filming for the imminent launch of our campaign) came up with the idea of 'one single place that aggregates and connects people to opportunities across the built environment', which became Building People in 2017, she was quoted as saying:

"Well, it's such a simple idea - don't reinvent what already exists, just join it all together and make it easier for people to find opportunities. This is something that industry will back and should fund".

Oh, the naivety.

Yes, Rebecca was right - Building People now has over 60 supporters and three founding partners that have enabled us to deliver a proof of concept platform - however, industry funding...? Our plans to secure this through the 'big players' have yet to come to fruition (no, we are honestly NOT trying to compete and YES, we are a social enterprise and YES, we have a holistic industry ambition), and every day we hear from the smaller voices that what we are doing is of real interest and much needed.

So, here's advance notice that March 2020 sees us launching our crowd funding campaign. We will be asking industry to join in, to contribute towards the expansion of the platform to cover different audiences (e.g. women and Black Asian and Minority Ethnic people), different activities (e.g. mentoring, events and work experience), and different occupations (e.g. trades and professions). We will also be seeking funds to further develop a single repository of resources focused on people, skills and careers, as well as bringing together different communities to share best practice and further develop the technology platform under the Building People umbrella. 

12/08/2020 16:57:09