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LGBTQ+ Webinar

The fourth in our series with UK Construction Week, with a focus on providers working with LGBTQ+ audiences.

Our three key speakers for this webinar were Glenn Robison from Building Equality, Kelly Canterford from Freehold and Dr Mark McBride-Wright from InterEngineering. The theme was again on the question, 'Are we in danger of reinstating a flawed status quo?'.

Glenn is a member of the Executive Committee of the nationwide alliance, Building Equality, which works with construction and built environment companies in promoting the support and inclusion of LGBTQ+ workers. In aid of this, Glenn became the founder of the Leeds branch of Building Equality. Also in 2018, Glenn was proud to be the first to bring the Rainbow JCB and the wider construction industry to Leeds Pride, in support of the community. He is also an active member of Arup's LGBTQ+ network and is a member of their regional EDI Committee.

Kelly Canterford was named in 2018 a Top 10 LGBTQ+ Inspirational Leader by the British LGBTQ+ Awards, She brings over 20 years experience as a Chartered Surveyor and is also well known for her knowledge of media and coaching. Kelly is now Programme Managing two collaborations of 12 of the largest real estate companies in the UK, called Changing the Face of Property and Property Needs You. Together these initiatives are working to promote diversity and inclusion across the real estate industry. 

InterEngineering's Chair and Co-Founder, Dr. Mark McBride-Wright, has seen the not-for-profit organisation grow to a membership of over 1,000 engineers with a remit to empower, inform and connect LGBTQ+ engineers UK wide. Mark is also a Founding Member of the Diversity and Inclusion Working Group for the Institute of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) and is an External Advisor on the Metropolitan Police's Strategic Inclusion Diversity & Equality Board. Mark is also a Board Member for the University of Kent's Diversity Board and an Advisory Member to the Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee for the Royal Academy of Engineers. 

The webinar is available to listen and watch here.

12/08/2020 16:59:15