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Joining the dots with Turley, our latest Supporter

Join in for deep thinking, smart strategy and expert delivery.

We are absolutely delighted to have Turley join in with Building People!


Turley launched as a residential planning consultancy firm in Manchester in 1983. Since then, the organisation has grown to provide consultancy to commercial property, followed shortly after by a large number of built environment services, including strategic communications, funding, sustainability and much more.


Turley aims to champion sustainable development and maintain a community view, in order to ensure a liveable and equitable built environment.


They boast an LGBTQ+ community network, called Oasis, and an inclusion and diversity group called Embrace. Turley also joins the dots with external EDI organisations, including Real Estate Balance, Stonewall and BAME in Property in support of encouraging underrepresented groups to flourish in the business.


We are so excited to join the dots with Turley, and you can find out how to join in with their organisation on their website.

14/12/2021 15:53:00

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