Building People is a social enterprise with three founding partners:

Chartered Surveyors Training Trust The Chartered Surveyors' Company University College of Estate Management

What is Building People?

A technology platform that connects people to opportunities across architecture, engineering and construction (the Built Environment)

Improving diversity and inclusion


Driving a supply of competent workers


Maximising and evidencing social value

Building People has a simple plan: Create one place that brings together the disparate diversity and inclusion / skills and employment activities across the Built Environment. Integrate with the websites of others. Add value. Connect people to content and opportunities without disrupting user journeys. No duplication nor reinvention. Measure and report on the social value these activities generate. Join the dots.


Building People: Aggregator

Our proof of concept aggregator platform can be found on this website (see 'Search Organisations' on your dashboard), where we have brought together almost 1,000 different organisations/initiatives that help individuals find work, learning and/or support opportunities (e.g. work experience, mentors, networking groups), and also help employers diversify their workforce. We have done this in order to help people more easily find and access what already exists, and to create the 'network of networks' that is Building People.

Building People: Integrator

Our proof of concept integrator model is a partnership with the Chartered Surveyors Training Trust (CSTT) and brings together 44 different pieces of content from 28 providers, evidencing how - in one place - users (students) can access fragmented resource focused on one profession (surveying). We have developed this model with the plan to 'reskin' the site for other providers, meaning that more organisations can access greater and streamlined functionality for a fraction of the price of developing it themselves.

The second adopter of this integrator model is the Construction Industry Council's Roadmap for Change website, where content is hosted by Building People, enabling more people to find resource through its aggregation in the 'powered by Building People' platform.

Building People: Communities

We recognise that there is a wealth of knowledge, activities and opportunities contained within the many different providers that help connect supply to demand, so are bringing these providers together within their different area of focus (e.g. organisations that work with young people) in order to facilitate discussion, collaboration and change.



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Who is Building People?


Core Team


With twenty years’ experience in industry, Rebecca brings expertise in maximising the social impact of construction projects through enabling collaboration between multiple stakeholders and individuals from diverse and disadvantaged local communities, with a particular focus on social value. Rebecca is passionate about creating a diverse and inclusive industry and ‘joining the dots’ to add value. She is the Founder and Chief Do-joiner at Building People, a co-founder of Be Onsite and BuildForce, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Rebecca has an MSc in Urban Regeneration.


Terry is an experienced CEO of start-up and mid-sized businesses having run two Sector Skills Councils (Deputy CEO at e-skills and CEO at Proskills). He has put his passion for developing people, businesses and championing change to good use as Principal of the City of Oxford FE College, International Director of Activate Learning and MD of the CIOB (Chartered Institute of Building). Terry is the Executive Director of Building People, CEO of the CSTT (Chartered Surveyors Training Trust) and MD of a start-up organisation promoting a methodical approach to modern methods of construction.

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One single place that brings together opportunities for work, learning and support across the built environment. A platform, an ecosystem, a movement.

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